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Lynati writes...

Happy Birthday, Greg. :)

If you happen to have access to your new timeline when you get around to reading this, and you have pinned down dates for these episodes, please tell me the dates that 1)Kingdom, and 2)Pendragon occured.
Continuing on the timeline theme, are you using the animation as a guide- ie, the phase of the moon, so often shown full in the series, to place the dates of episodes?Well, anyway, here is a link that may be somewhat useful for WHEN Gargoyles DOES make it back onto the air...for letting the animators know when it is acceptable to show a gargoyle silhouetted against a full moon, and such. (...that is, if you care enough to bother. I tend to forget that not everyone is obsessive about details in their work as I am sometimes.)

Greg responds...

I gave up on the Moon, except when it figured into plot as in Hunter's Moon.

I might try to be more conscientious next time, but as for what's already aired, I'm going to have to chalk it up to artistic license that the full moon was always out. There's no other way to explain its constant presence.

Unfortunately, my timeline's at the office. And I'm at home now. So, sorry. Ask again later, if you can.

Response recorded on June 10, 2002