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Bruno writes...

Hi, Greg,

Illuminati questions:

1-You once said that they regard Demona as a loose cannon. How they know her _so_ well?

2a-When Percival/Duval born?
2b-How old he looks?
2c-Is he _always_ at Castle Carbonek?

3-The Illuminati was created in 642. Arthur 'died' in 542. This mean something?

4-Are you pushing to make them the main villains of Gargs? They will be villains in near all the spin-offs. And in 2198, they literally _sold_ the mankind to the space-spawn.

5a-The 'Norman Ambassador' being a Illuminatus and the escort of Elena - coincidence?
5b-If _a_ is 'no', then _why_ should the Illuminati create trouble to Wyvern? You hinted this.

Greg responds...

1. Experience.

2a. I don't have an exact date for that at this time. Sixth Century, however.

2b. Not saying.

2c. Not saying.

3. Yes.

4. It depends what you mean by "main". I certainly want them to be ubiquitous. And I want them to have a bit more presence than they had in the first 65 episodes. But there a background force largely.

5a. I'm not sure what you mean. That's like asking if it's a coincidence that my first name is Greg and my last name is Weisman...

5b. Huh?

Response recorded on March 12, 2001