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Aris Katsaris writes...

1) Is there faster-than-light travel or faster-than-light communications in the Gargoyles universe? If so, why is Nokkar so isolated from the rest of his species and uninformed about the status of the war?

2) What about technological time-travel? Can it exist? And if yes, has it been discovered by any of the species mainly involved in the space war?

Greg responds...

1. The second part of question 1 has no bearing on the frs part. Whether or not there is faster-than-light travel and/or com doesn't explain or not explain Nokkar's isolation.

2. I don't see why Technology driven time travel can't exist. But I had no immediate specific plans to give it to any of the three main species involved in the space war. Individuals on the other hand....

Response recorded on August 22, 1999