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Anonymous writes...

Assuming that the Gargoyles are not revived (Heaven help us), what loose-end would you regret most for not having tied up (character development, planned episodes, new characters, new clans, etc.)? Likewise, if you had the chance to do one final episode or any other indefinite amount of time to finalize the Gargoyles, what would be your personal priority on tying up loose-ends? Please give us your point of view.

Greg responds...

"Hunter's Moon, Part Three" was designed to be a final episode OR a turning point, depending on whether we got a renewal. (The same had been true for "Reawakening" a year earlier.) When I realized that they were going to do 13 more, but that I'd only be involved in one of those 13, I made an effort to create yet a third episode of open-ended closure. A chance to say goodbye to the fans and most of the lead characters, before I journied off to other adventures. So I wrote, "The Journey". Vinnie's voyage to Japan was written to parallel my voyage to DreamWorks (although at the time I didn't know where I'd wind up working). I intentionally created new elements to the series. Mr. Duval. The Quarrymen. Etc. I pushed relationships forward. I wanted to be true to the series even in my final farewell, so I felt it was important to keep it evolving right up through the end. But it was written as a goodbye.

Which doesn't seem like an answer to your question. But it's really the best answer I could give without more information from you. There are tons of loose ends that I wish I were able to tie up or at least continue working on. I've got story ideas into the 22nd century (and back as far as the first century), so I wasn't short on material. But I wouldn't want to rush things unnaturally, just cause I was only going to get one more chance at bat. That's a great way to strike out, I figure. In this hypothetical scenario, how many episodes would I have in my new last chance? If it was only one, I'm not sure what I'd do. There's so much in Goliath Chronicles that I didn't like, I'd have to spend sometime putting band-aids on the series to get it back to a place I was comfortable moving forward from. A lot would also depend on the when. I'd like the series to continue (as it has so far) in more-or-less real time.
If my next shot at writing this was in the year 1999 I'd probably be telling different stories than if my next shot was in 2007.

How's that for a preamble? Basically, I regret not having done the last 12 Goliath Chronicles, not because I missed out telling any one specific story, but because I missed out telling 12 more stories, missed out weaving 12 more naratives into the Gargoyle Tapestry. 66 isn't bad. But 78 would have been better.