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Anonymous writes...

Greg -

Hi! Quick question about Starship Troopers: is there any word as to when it might air on free TV in NY? All we can get lately is Pokemon. (We don't have cable.)

Alex Wittenberg

Greg responds...

Troopers is syndicated. (As far as I know, it's not on cable at all.)

That means it's on a different station and in a different time slot in every market. It also means that it hasn't cleared at all in some markets. (Though I'm surprised about New York, since it's so large.)

Here in L.A. it's on at 7:30am Monday through Fridays on independent channel 9. It's part of the BKN children's block of programming.

I can't tell you when and where to look in NYC. But you might try looking for it in your local TV GUIDE at various unreasonable times.

I'm really proud of the show. I just wish they'd start airing the episodes they have in order.

Response recorded on February 01, 2000