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Coldplasma writes...

Hello mr. Weisman!

I know your involvement in Starship Troopers was minimal, but it's only recently that I learned that some episodes never aired:
33.Home Front
38.The Gates of Hell
39.Circle of the Damned
40.Final Inferno.

Do you know if any CGI, voice recording were made or the entire story was scrapped out? Do you know if they are any plans for future episodes? How do you feel that these too-important episodes have been removed?

Also, I've been told they've been some trouble with airing: lots of reruns, production problem with multiple companies,...

So far, I've only seen until "Heart" and the rest of the season will show up in Canada. I hope they don't

Greg responds...

I wouldn't call my involvement minimal.

Voice recordings were made for all those episodes. No animation. But some boarding was done on the last three.

They plan on selling the existing eps on DVD. If those sell well, than they'll make 38-40 as a direct to DVD movie.

And I feel lousy about them being removed. I edited the last three. But it's beyond my control.

You hope they don't show up in Canada? Now, I'm confused.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000