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matt writes...

hey Greg!

what did Titania whisper to Fox in "The Gathering"?

where will Arthur and Griff find Merlin?

who is Lexington's mate?

how will Goliath and Elisa have a child?

did Iago have a mate? does he have a kid on Avalon?

what are the answers to 74 and 517 in the G2198 contest?

where do Jade and Turquesa go when they leave Avalon?

will Puck's prophecy from "Future Tense" come true?

how will Macbeth and Demona die?

will Jason Canmore ever be healed from his injuries?

will Xanatos and Fox have anymore children?

who will Delilah end up with?

and please fell free to describe the origens, workings and all available information concerning the Illuminati, the Korean Clan, the Space Spawn, locations and dates of Brooklyn's Timedancing, the story behind Hudson's death, the Redemption Squads adventures, Una's childhood, how the Banche regains her voice, Demona/Angela relationship, the economy of Ishimura, and what your favirote color is...

just kidding! April Fools!!!

Greg responds...

I will answer one of those questions.


Have fun guessing which one.

Thanks for warning me that it's April 1st, by the way.

As it's June when I am, I could have easily gotten fooled by the posts that follow, I imagine.

Response recorded on June 09, 2001