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Quickswitch writes...

Max Steel questions:

Hi mr. Weisman. By now, I learned that WB did not invite you to continue on Max Steel for the second season. How do feel about WB's decision? Do you know who will take over the show? Will you become a consultant for Max Steel, just like you were in Gargoyles: TGC?

I'm concerned about the show's future. It's all seem deja vu. The last time someone took over one of your show, it got pretty ugly...

Greg responds...

1. Originally, I was pissed off. Not so much that I wouldn't be doing the second season [because participating in the first season was so unpleasant], but because I wasn't being given the option of deciding for myself. Now, I'm just glad to be free of it. I don't miss it at all.

2. The new story editors are Tom Puggsley and Greg Klein. I know Tom. He's a good guy.

3. No. I have no involvement in the series now. In fact, this time no one even called to ask me what I had planned for the second season. They're on their own.

Response recorded on July 29, 2000