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Nillaberry2000 writes...

Hi Greg! I have one major question. What is going on between Max, Rachel, and Laura? I'm so confused about the whole situation. If you could please answer this one question, it would be greatly appreciated:) Thank you so much!!

Greg responds...

Well, it might help if they aired the episodes in order...

And now that the new seasons' starting, I have no idea what they have planned.

But in the thirteen I did...

Josh was dating Laura since before he got his powers and became Max. After becoming Max, he was teamed with Rachel, who he was physically attracted to, at a minimum. Josh was still dating Laura but there was now an entire chunk of his life he couldn't share with her. And in fact, to cover his dual identity, he was now standing her up and lying to her on a regular basis.

Among his lies, was one where he described Rachel as an old lady. When Laura found out that wasn't true, she got very jealous, but Josh talked his way out of that.

Later, during an adventure that brought up a lot of painful memories for Josh/Max, he kissed Rachel. They both immediately regretted it. It screwed up Team Steel. They got passed it, but Max felt guilty enough that he (Josh) eventually told Laura. She broke up with him. Wouldn't talk to him. So he tried to ask her out as Max. (And that's where I left off. Don't know what the new team plans. If anything.)

Response recorded on September 25, 2000