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jadecobra@aol.com writes...

Well, this isn't actually a question. I'm assuming you're the same Greg Weisman who used to work at DC Comics. If you are then, "Hi!" This is Kevin Maguire. I used to do Justice League. I was wondering what the hell you were doing. I was watching Max Steel for the first time this morning and saw your name in the credits. I was going to congratulate you on the show til I read your responses and got the sense that it was a bitter, though possibly rewarding, experience for you. Beyond that I hope everything's going well for you and, oh, what the hell, congratulations anyway.

Greg responds...

Hey Kevin,

Yeah, it's me. I still have that page of art from Justice League that you gave me hanging on the wall. The one where Batman gives silent approval to Booster Gold.

Yeah, MAX STEEL was a pretty bitter experience at best. I'm now glad I didn't have to do the second season. (Though I was very pissed off about that at first.) As you can see, I'm still living off my GARGOYLES glory days to feed my ego. DC seems like forever ago. What are you up to?

Response recorded on October 20, 2000