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Todd Jensen writes...

They showed the Season One finale for "Max Steel" (the last episode that you worked on) this morning, and in it, portrayed Mairot as being revealed as a traitor to N-Tek, secretly working with Dread all along. Since you mentioned in response to an earlier question about Mairot that in your own plans for the series, he wasn't a traitor, that prompted me to wonder: was the season finale actually shown on television different from the one that you made, changed to alter Mairot's character? Or was the episode as shown on television the same as the one you did, with Mairot's treachery being just an illusion?

Greg responds...

In that episode, we revealed Mairot to be a traitor. If I had come back for the second season, it would be revealed that he was NOT a traitor, but rather a mole that Jefferson had planted within Dread's organization.

I have no idea what aired however, or what they currently have planned for Mairot -- if anything.

Response recorded on October 20, 2000