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Todd Jensen writes...

In the last two episodes of "Max Steel" in its first season (the one that you worked on), Max was shown working on an English assignment on "Huckleberry Finn" in his Josh McGrath persona. Was there any intention in this part of the story to nudge the audience into reading Mark Twain's novel, the same way as with the Shakespeare references in "Gargoyles"?

Greg responds...

It wouldn't have hurt. But the truth is, that Huck was a compromise. I originally had the essay be on the works of Faulkner. The WB rejected Faulkner as too intellectual. I asked them what they wanted and seriously suggested Dr. Seuss. They got very pissed off at me, like I was making fun of them.

So then I hit on Mark Twain. (I was past caring whether I was inspirational at that point.)

Response recorded on October 26, 2000