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Todd Jensen writes...

In "City of Stone Part Three", when Xanatos and Owen are discussing how to find a way of breaking Demona's spell, Owen suggests researching the Grimorum Arcanorum. Xanatos correctly points out that even if they could find a counter-spell in its pages, they wouldn't be able to use it (and it could even be dangerous to do so on account of the "mixing magics is a bad idea" business).

The revelation later on that Owen was really Puck made that suggestion of his a bit puzzling to me. I would have thought that Puck would have already been aware that the Grimorum wasn't an option for the solution without Xanatos needing to tell him that. Or is he less knowledgeable about human magic than about faerie magic?

Greg responds...

There was no pilot movie. There was a pilot episode: "Strangers". And two episodes later there was an origin episode: "Shadows". In any case, I wasn't the one making those decisions then (and certainly not now).

Response recorded on November 09, 2000