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marbryalm@altavista.com writes...

Dear Greg,
I see that you're trying to restart your Gargoyles
series elsewhere, with what network, please? And, of course, the best of luck to you. Just for your information,
on Max Steel, Season II, things got off to an explosive start when Dread, who survived the Dread airship crash in
"Shattered" attacked Josh by kidnapping his best civilian
friend Pete, and ran Max thru a gauntlet designed to weaken
and eventually destroy him. But, even cut off from Berto,
who finally tracks him down and re-energizes him with a
portable trans-phasic generator, Max still manages to survive the deathtraps, especially the most vicious one,
where Pete is chained to a time bomb in an old mining
cavern, and rescue his friend. (Laura, by the way, is
spending a year at sea, but has spoken to Josh again,
saying "See you later, (but) NOT goodbye.") After Berto's
save, Max is able to capture Dread and lock him up in a
high-tech castle dungeon. Oh yes, there was a robot dog
in this episode (Berto is developing a pet hobby), that,
as of the second episode, has morphed into an android cat
(that occasionally barks at Max).
Of course, I understand your wish to avoid commenting
on the program since you were invited off of it, but the
above is for folks who don't have access to the second
season yet (like in Canada). However, in your storylines,
is there some reason why Berto rarely, if ever, leaves
N-Tek HQ, and when he does, it's always in a heavily-secure
environ, like Behemoth?

Greg responds...

I never said I was trying to start Gargoyles up "elsewhere". Gargoyles is owned by Disney.


O.K. For starters. Please DON'T feel the need to post synopses of future Max Steel episodes here. If I wanted access to them, I could get them. It just makes me nuts. There are comment rooms for that kinda thing.

As for 'Berto during my seasons, it was his job to "run" Max from his console. The console was either at N-Tek or in Behemoth. We did (under extraordinary circumstances) have him get out from behind the monitor on a couple of occassions. But to make that a consistent thing, would have changed his job description.

Response recorded on November 09, 2000