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Andrea L. Marbry , marbryalm@AltaVista.com writes...

Dear Greg,
Sorry about the synopsis to the first episode of Max
Steel, Season II [posting it (inadventently), that is].
Hope it doesn't get you into any trouble! But the reason
why I am so fascinated about 'Berto is that my first epi-
sode of the show I saw was "Spear-Carriers", his "trial
of fire", so to speak. I'd noticed that most of the senior
N-TEK personnel, like Rachel & Jeff, are very protective
of him. My question is, given the events of Snow-Blind,
Sphinxes, and especially, Shattered, is it proabable that
'Berto's temporary captivity aboard Breamer's Javelin
was a covert Dread plot to abduct him? If not, what led
Breamer to treat 'Berto with "kid gloves" after capturing
him? And, finally, who responsible for the great music
used on Max Steel?

Looking forward to more of your work,
Andrea Marbry

Greg responds...

That Spear-Carriers episode was supposed to air much earlier in the sequence. I think it was like the sixth show or something (though I'm away from my office and don't have that info handy).

And, no, it wasn't a Dread plot. Breamer was impressed by 'Berto. At least in part because 'Berto pretended to be impressed by Breamer.

I believe the music on Max was by Jim Latham, but I wasn't involved in the post-production of that series, so I'm not sure.

Response recorded on November 17, 2000