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Maxy Steel writes...

Hi again, it's Maxy. More questions, once again.
1. There's a Max Steel bible?! I want one!
2. About what year is Max Steel set? Like, is it set in the present, past, future? How far in any of the directions?
3. What are the ages of the frequently seen characters? (Smith, Mairot, Yevshenko)
4. Does Yevshenko have a first name?

Thanks a bunch!
-Maxy Steel

Greg responds...

1. Yes, it exists. But I'm not currently at liberty to distribute it to anyone.

2. Somewhere between the present and Max Headroom's "Twenty minutes into the future." Say, twelve minutes.

3. I don't have that info handy.

4. Yes. From memory, I'd say Elena, but I don't want to be held to that. Again, I'm not at my office where I have access to that info.

Ask again another time.

Response recorded on November 21, 2000