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Andrea Marbry @altavista.com writes...

Dear Greg,

On Max Steel, why do Max & Berto wear blue costumes
while the other agents tend toward street clothes?
Also, the first season concentrated on Max's history with
N-Tek, but what was Berto's? Josh mentions that he was
already an agent when he asked his dad for permission to
Why do Max & Berto operate as a team, with Rachel as a
supervisor, whereas other agents operate alone? Is it
due to the Max Probes accident, or are there other N-Tek
Was the first mission/adventure of Team Steel "Strangers",
or was there an earlier, "untold" mission/story that led
Jeff to accept his son as an agent, and to partner him
with Dr. Martinez?
And, finally, what are the heights of Max, Josh, and Berto?
Max does appear to be physically heavier than Josh does?

Greg responds...

Constraints of animation limited our costume options. Rachel appears both in street clothes and in agent gear. Jeff and Mairot wear street clothes, as they aren't field agents, but management.

'Berto was hired on just a few short months before Max.

It was felt that given Max's unique combination of Max-Probes and inexperience, that he needed a unique support staff. But most agents don't operate alone (at least not in my view). Most had partners. Nez had Murtaugh, for example.

There were at least three earlier untold adventures. Though from moment one Team Steel consisted of Max, Rachel and 'Berto. Marshak was added later.

I'm not too good with statistics, sorry, but Max and Josh weigh the same amount (not counting gear).

Response recorded on December 07, 2000