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Maxy Steel writes...

Okay, It's been so long since I posted...for me, anyway. There are a few questions you said I should ask again, beacuse you didn't have the information. So, I'll ask again.

1. How old are some of the frequents (Smith, Mairot, Yevshenko, Smiley, Dread, Vitriol)And a few we've only seen once or twice. (Dragonelle)

2. Is Yevshenko's name really Elena?

3. The WB site said Berto was 18. I thought he looked 16 or 17. You said you thought he's 19, and yet Max refers to him as if he's younger. (the grasshopper comment from Strangers comes to mind here) So, how old is he?

4. About Psycho, I meant how many times he was kinda left hanging with no way out. Like the space thing, or in Shattered, with the fungus.

5. Who did Annabelle's voice? I haven't seen much of gargs.

6. I still think it's DNA resturcturing. *pouts*

7. The time comment didn't make any sense. How about something in terms a non-gargoyle educated person would understand?

FYI, Rachel's authorization code is A057. Yeah, I'm obsessed.
-Maxy Steel

Greg responds...

1. Still not in my office. Don't have it with me.

2. I believe so. See above.

3. See above, but I think he's eighteen or nineteen. Certainly not younger or older.

4. It's all a matter of degree. There was the space thing, the fungus, the volcano. Those off the top of my head. You can count 'em as well as I can.

5. Annabelle had no voice. She never spoke. (Who did you think did it?)

6. What?

7. What are you referring to?

Response recorded on December 21, 2000