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Sandrine Matheron writes...

Dear Greg,
Iwanted to know if a video-game on Max Steel is in project.
- If the answer is yes and if it will be on a computer please ask it for Mac too (because usually it's only for Windows and I haven't any)! Please ! ! !
- If the answer is no, can you ask for it ? Please ! ! !
In any case, I'm waiting and wishing that a day I'll have the chance to play on a Max Steel's plateform game. Will I be disapointed or not? Thanks for answering my questions.

Greg responds...

I have no idea. As I've stated over and over, I no longer have any involvement in Max Steel.

If you have questions about the stories in the first thirteen episodes, fire away. Otherwise, I won't be of much help. Sorry.

Response recorded on January 17, 2001