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Matt Clara writes...

Greg, what software is used to model and animate Max Steel? What software do you prefer? How long does it take to produce a single episode, and about how many people work on one? What are the odds you can reply to me in person? emjaysea@worldnet.att.net (I'm 32 years old and only came here looking for this information--I've a great interest in modeling and animation).

Greg responds...

I am ignorant as to what's used to animate Max. LOTS of people work on episodes. Length of time varies, and as it contracts, quality tends to go down.

Unfortunately, Matt, this isn't a great resource for this kind of information. I'm not an animator. I'm a writer, basically.

And I can't start e-mailing you, because everyone would want the same treatment, and (a) I just don't have that kind of time and (b) if everyone was getting personal answers, then this forum would cease to be useful.

Response recorded on January 17, 2001