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Idle Swimmer writes...

I know Mas Steel is still a sensitive subject for you. (Trust me, I can hear it from your tone when you answer some of the questions.) I swear this will be the last question from me. Did they pull you off the show because of the direction you're taking with the Max/Josh-Laura-Rachel relationship triangle?

Greg responds...

Well, though it was always in the development, they clearly came to feel that they didn't like it. So that was one of the reasons. But not the only one. As we had moved past that triangle by the end of my 13th and final episode.

The new triangle I was planning was a Max-Laura-Josh triangle. Which I was mostly going to play for comedy.

And I don't know whether they would have liked it or not. They booted me without ever discussing what they wanted for the second season. Caught me QUITE off guard.

They've claimed I'm a lousy writer. Maybe I am. Max certainly wasn't my best work. But I blame them and they blame me... Etc. It's all very subjective.

Not fun, huh?

(Can't believe I said all that. No wonder I can't get a job.)

Response recorded on June 20, 2001