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Ricky writes...

Thanks for responding to my questions. I've written about four novels, but none of them have been accepted. Maybe it's my style of writting I don't know...but perhaps we can help each other in this matter. Would it be all right if I sent you a story on this web page despite it being against your guidelines...I'd like someone to read it, and since it's about Max Steel I thought you would be the more appropiate person to send it to. Just take a look and if you like it then perhaps we can colabrate on something.

Greg responds...


I appreciate the sincerity of the offer. But I'm afraid I'm not interested for a score of reasons. Here are the main ones:

1. Max Steel generally is a painful topic for me. I'm quite less than anxious to see anyone else's version of that character.

2. I don't know you. You may be a great guy. Or you may be law suit happy. Even if you are the former, if I break my rule for you, than someone else who is law suit happy can claim that sometimes I break my rules and that I must have broken it for him or her.

3. I'm sorry, but I'm not looking for a new collaborator. My brother and I are collaborating on a screenplay. But working with him is like working with my second self. Otherwise, generally, I prefer to gut it out on my own.

Having said all that, I wish you all the best with your work. If writing is your passion, then stick with it.

Response recorded on June 29, 2001