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Ricky writes...

Hi Greg, ever thought about getting Max Steel and Rachel together. Despite you're not with the Max Steel project anymore. Have any thought about what you could've done with the characters?

Greg responds...

Well, in the one season (out of three) that I did work on Max Steel, we did (briefly) get Max and Rachel together. In an episode called Sharks, set in a submarine (or two). They succumbed to emotion, the depths and a lot of sexual attraction and kissed. Then they immediately backed off. Max (or rather Josh) was still in love with Laura. Rachel was conflicted, since she's Max's boss.

I'm not sure where we would have gone long term -- since I left the show before season two.

Just last week, I finally saw one of the episodes I didn't work on. (Up to this point, I'd seen none except my thirteen.) It seemed to be from the third season, and had a very different feel in many ways. Max and 'Berto were still there, though 'Berto was now a field agent. Psycho was still the villain, but he seemed to be operating independently. There was a new girl with Max and 'Berto, and no sign of Rachel, Laura or any of the rest of my supporting cast, unless you count the occasional reference to Jeff -- who didn't appear. I watched a couple acts of it, but then my kids lost interest and changed the channel, and I didn't care enough to change rooms and see the end.

Response recorded on April 04, 2003