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Sandrine M writes...

Did you see the second season of Max Steel? Did they respect your ideas? What do you think about Kat, Jo, the two robots dog, the robot cat, the absence of Laura, Berto who goes out of his screen's life, the discovery of Max steel's secret by Pete, the new ennemies... Or did you see nothing and you will never see it?
Personnaly, I found the second season too previsible (we had to see an episode on him (Psyco), on him (the other human robot), on her(Dragonnelle)...Dread went in prison in the first one.It was too fast, he can't stay in prison...and I win again, in the last one, he went out)
A third season is in project?
I noticed too the clothes' mistake in the third episode, before Ricky wrote it on your website.

Greg responds...

I have never seen the second season. They didn't ask me my plans, so any resemblance to what I had in mind is purely coincidental and/or a natural result of things I set up in Season One. It's not likely I'll see that stuff. It would probably just make me nuts.

There was a third season, and I (very) recently saw part of one episode of the third season. It seemed like a very different show. Not bad. Just different.

Response recorded on April 15, 2003