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Graymonk writes...

Hello again Mr. Weisman,

Thankyou in advance for your response to my Clan contest entry, This time around I simply have a few "Bad Guys" questions.

1) Do Yama and Sora have a biological child or unhatched egg?
1b) If they do have a child would they recognize it as being their flesh and blood the way Goliath has recognized Angela or do they view all of the Ishimura clan's eggs as their children?

2) Would Demona and/or Sevariushave appeared in "Bad Guys"

3) Is Mr. Duval aware that the Director exists?
3b) If yes, does he know that the Director is his enemy?

4) Would they Redemption squad have encountered any mythical/magical creatures or figures? (for example; Children of Oberon, sorcerers, vampires, New Olympus, Gargoyle clans besides Ishimura or Manhattan)

Greg responds...

1. Yes.
1b. The latter.

2. Sevarius would have appeared in the pilot at least. Demona, I'm not sure. But probably, eventually.

3. Yes.
3b. Yes.

4. Probably.

Response recorded on July 30, 2000