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Todd Jensen writes...

I was just reading your latest batch of answers for "Ask Greg", and was amused to notice that you had planned to include a new villain in "Bad Guys" named Falstaff. What particularly got me about it was that you'd earlier mentioned that you'd planned for Dingo's real name to be "Harry Monmouth", an aka of Prince Hal, and that made it seem all the more appropriate to me that you'd have a Falstaff in "Bad Guys" (although I doubt that it would be the original Falstaff, assuming that he even existed in the Gargoyles Universe - sounds to me more like an analogue a la the Coldtrio to the characters in "Othello" or Terry and Sphinx to Romeo and Juliet).

Greg responds...

I never said Falstaff would be a villain. (Or at least I didn't mean to.) The word I used (or meant to use) was antagonist.

Response recorded on September 12, 2000