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Bruno writes...

Hi, Greg, I have some questions about 'Bad Guys'. I believe that this should have been the best of all the spin-offs. But I had searched at the Big and at the 'Bad Guys' archives and I'm puzzled whit some things:

1- The 'Redemption Squad' formation: Robyn Canmore, Dingo, Matrix, Fang, Yama and the leader Director. Rigth, or someone more or less?

2- Why every one of them join the group? Blackmail, redemption, who is who?

3- How is the relationship between the Director and they? Friendly or 'shut up and obey me'?

4- Why is the Squad created? They're a Task Force? Working for who?

Sorry if anything is already answered. Go on whit your amazing work!

Greg responds...

1. Hunter (Robyn Canmore) is the field leader. She reports to the Director, i.e. her boss. But I wouldn't call him the leader. Otherwise, yeah, Hunter, Dingo, Matrix, Yama and Fang.

2. Bruno, I don't give novel-length responses here. And if you don't know who is who then what makes you think it would be a good spin-off?

Hunter is a highly trained human (and former gargoyle hunter) who first appeared in "Hunter's Moon". She's Scotish.

Dingo is a former mercenary and member of the Pack who first appeared in "Thrill of the Hunt". He's Australian. Both Hunter and Dingo have prison sentences hanging over their heads.

Matrix is an artificial intelligence comprised of millions of nanotech robots. He/it first appeared in "Walkabout". He is a friend and ally to Dingo.

Yama is a Japanese Gargoyle from the Ishimura clan. He was banished from Ishimura after the events of "Bushido".

Fang was an American human mutated by Sevarius in "Metamorphosis". He was one of the Redemption Squad's first opponents. After being defeated, he was recruited.

3. Shut up and obey me said in a friendly style.

4. The Director.

Response recorded on September 16, 2000