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Marduk writes...

I made the posts about the conflict between Bad Guys and Gargoyles incase you don't remember. I'll attempted to clarify them.
At the end of Hunters Moon the Gargoyles are revealed to the public and the NYPD even have a Gargoyle Task Force set up. So it seems to me the Federal Government should respond to the situation fairly rapidly. They apperantly want the Gargs captured and send in the Redemption Squad to do it. Now the problem with this is the Redemption Sqaud hasn't been formed yet.. so if Gargoyles came back and you wanted to do this plan you would have to take a episode or two to form the RS, then have the government hire them to capture the gargoyles. But if after this happened you got a chance to do Bad Guys then you've used your pliot episode(s) up in Gargoyles and that's where I see a conflict.
So my question was if you got a chance to do more Gargoyles would some of your first new season(let's assume 13 cartoons) you spend a couple episodes developing the RS idea and then having them try and capture the Gargoyles or would you just have someone else get hired to do it and leave the RS to be developed later?

Greg responds...

Here's the problem with your question. THERE ARE TOO MANY DAMN HYPOTHETICALS IN THERE. How can I juggle so many numerous different variables, none of which might happen or some or all?

But the good news is that this time I understood what you were getting at.

Response recorded on November 09, 2000