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Ambrosia writes...

I was just driving around yesterday and something came to me that I thought I'd ask you.
In Sentinel, Elisa appears to be kidnapped by this huge... *monster* from the perspective of the doctor and Duane and co. No doubt all sorts of awful thoughts are running through their minds so when they find her again at the end of the episode, I'm sure they really want some answers. So when Elisa suggested to Nokkar that these people could be his new allies and he went off to talk with them, did Nokkar tell them the *whole* story? About who the gargoyles were and that he was the one who gave Elisa her amnesia? If they know about gargoyles now, they could be allies to the clan as well.
Thanks for your time! Happy Holidays!

Greg responds...

Very likely.

Response recorded on December 22, 2000