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Ambrosia writes...

It's been almost a week, but I'm gonna ramble on AnimeExpo now.
Yeah, it was great to see you too! And meeting in the *Avalon* wing... was that just erie? Unfortunately, I had to run off and call work and tell them I'd be late. My cursed car overheated in the cursed Pinocchio parking lot.
Wow, um, 3X3 eyes was... gory. I don't know, I think I set myself in El Hazard mode or something. The voices, of course, were excellent. Jenny and I must have annoyed the entire theater because as soon as Monkey said something we both squealed "LEX!!!" And whoa. Keith David. Greg, in Sophomore biology we watched one of those Discovery Channel videos on marine life and Keith David was doing the narration. Hearing Goliath talk about fish spawning was much less disturbing than this.
Angela... er, Brigitte... did an unbelievably good job. *shudders in fear* I kept thinking of her line in Hunter's Moon where she says, "We're not demons. And we're not monsters. We're gargoyles and we're going to teach you to respect the name." She can really be frightening.
Well, thank you for your time!

Greg responds...

Thank you. Yeah, it's a great cast. The garg/3x3 overlap was fun, but I wouldn't have used any of them (including Bill Faggerbakke, Gregg Rainwater, Elisa Gabrielli, Ed Asner, in addition to he ones you mentioned, if they hadn't been just RIGHT for their parts.

But what about me? Didn't you like my work as Hide? Or as the homeless hummer?

Response recorded on August 19, 2000