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Todd Jensen writes...

Because my ramble-replies to "Temptation", "Deadly Force", and "Enter Macbeth" were all lost in the recent crash, I'm sending reconstructed versions in again. This one's for "Temptation".

One thing that I really like about this episode is Demona's development. She's in the wrong, but she's convincingly in the wrong, as she explains why humans will never accept gargoyles. Even Goliath has to admit at the end that what she told Brooklyn about humans is partly (but only partly) true. It's part of what makes her such an effective villain.

At the same time, Elisa shows at the end, by her loyalty to the clan, and her cleverness in finding a way of freeing Goliath from the spell, that not all humans are evil or anti-gargoyle, an important point. (That's why I don't really mind Elisa's means of freeing Goliath, even if it is, as you mentioned, borderline "cheating". The reward that came from showing that some humans could help gargoyles more than outweighed the problem in question). Merely showing Demona to be treacherous and scheming wouldn't be enough to counter her arguments.

And Brooklyn comes across very sympathetically, too. I liked your analysis of his behavior in this episode.

The Cloisters bit is one of my favorite parts, especially where Brooklyn talked about it being so much like "the world that we came from". (And no, I didn't think that that meant that the gargoyles were aliens; I understood that he was talking about medieval Scotland). That part clicked for me because of my (mentioned before) fondness for things relating to the Middle Ages.

And I was amused by your little bit about the motorcycle. Between that and the "garg-chopper" in "Her Brother's Keeper", it's pretty clear that the gargoyles' vehicles never seem to last very long. (Not that that's really surprising; as Goliath pointed out in "Protection", gargoyles supply their own transportation, which makes fancy motorcycles and aircraft for them pretty much redundant).

(I take it that the "Eye of the Storm" "suggested toy" that you eluded to was Goliath in his "Odinic" form?)

Greg responds...

THUNDER STORM GOLIATH, or something like that, yeah. I think they wound up making Hudson or someone else the Thunder Storm Toy. (I remember Brooklyn was ice storm.) Oh, well.

Response recorded on July 10, 2000