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THe bAbBleR writes...

Hey, I know how much you like viewer insight, so here goes:
GARGOYLES ROCKS. period. I didn't get it when I was seven. I missed all those subtleties and nuances that you put in there, but I see so clearly now! I wish that Toon Disney would air Deadly Force, but there all so stupid . "It's too violent" they say. They'll let Goofy fall of a cliff without a scratch and air it, but if they show someone getting shot and (realistically) having to go to the hospital they won't air it. What a bunch of crack heads.
Anyway, about what Titania whispered to Fox. I know what she said. She said, "All good Garg supporters go to The Gathering."
What a motherly message. Too bad Fox is a bad daughter.
* * So until Goliath plays for the Harlem Globe Trotters, I'll luv ya, Greg.

Greg responds...

Hey, right back at ya, man.

Response recorded on April 08, 2001