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Greg Bishansky writes...

Here's my "High Noon" Ramble

First of all, I like how the "Previously on Gargoyles…" recap was done. I liked Coldstone in his first two appearances and was glad to be seeing him again. Also it didn't give away the involvement of Demona, Macbeth and the Weird Sisters, which shocked the Hell out of me, but I'll get to that later.

First things first. The animation in this episode is breathtaking. I don't think it'd be a stretch to say that this is episode is animated more beautifully than any other… though that is saying a lot.

I like the opening scene with Othello and Desdemona. Also nice touch with the animators drawing real Scottish Heather, I read in a magazine article that the episode's writer (I forget who it is), had to actually fax a picture of Scottish Heather to an artist during production. It shows that more care was put into this show than any other.

Iago comes off quite menacing, even though his actions are out of spite. He can't have Desdemona, so he won't let Othello have any peace with her. When I first saw this I though Iago was dead after "Legion", so it was nice to him back.

Nice continuity with Hudson and Broadway reading, I was glad this was touched on again, most cartoons would just forget about it after one episode, but not this one. Also Elisa is great in this scene, really humble, but yes, she is more of a hero than she wants to be. Also, I liked Hudson's "hit a sack" line, maybe it was late for it, but I liked it and still like it.

Hmm, nice little touches on Lex's computer monitor. "Othello Program", "Desdemona Program", "Iago Program". You have to really look to catch these, and I'm sure I missed some. Were these your idea?

So Macbeth and Demona walk past Elisa in disguise. I have to say that I did not recognize either of them. For on thing the look we got of Demona as a human was so brief, and I wasn't expecting to see them again so soon. I liked the chase scene through the station, and as soon as they got to the Clock Tower I knew something dangerous was up. When it was revealed that that was indeed Macbeth, I thought the woman was Fleance or another mercenary that Macbeth hired. Of course I kicked myself for mistaking Demona for Fleance, considering how much I adore Demona. I guess I just wasn't paying attention to her, and focusing on Macbeth.

I figured that they stole Coldstone of course, since he was going to play a major part in this episode. Also I did like the costume change on Mac & D. I also really like Demona's green eyes as a human… once again, expect a lot of gushing towards her ;)

When Elisa asked how they got Coldstone out of there without being seen, I just assumed that Demona used some kind of cloaking spell on Macbeth's plane. Turned out I was right, though I didn't factor the Grimorum in. I was too busy trying to figure out why they were working together and how they found the Clock Tower.

The animation when Demona changes from her lovely human form into her lovely Gargoyle form is beautiful (though it looks extremely painful), and I was glad to finally find out the truth behind Puck's gift. It confused me for a while, I was expecting to be human in "Vows".

Even when under a spell, Demona and Macbeth still hate each other.

Michael Dorn does a great job with Iago/Coldstone's first two lines. He's a great actor.

Goliath and Elisa share a nice moment here, I like it, can't think of more to say about it.

I like the way the scene changes on the Moon, another really nice touch.

I really like the scene when they enter the mansion, the animation on their reflections in the camera is nice, as is Goliath tapping the camera with his wing. Nice to see that Goliath has learned a lot of the modern world by saying that Macbeth is probably watching them from a control room. I also like how they kick the door open in battle stance and quickly come out of it when they see the room is empty. Also like them using the room to their own advantage.

The Demona-Brooklyn fight is very well done, it moves really fast with Brooklyn not even having time to breathe. Nice show of her warrior skills.

Once again I like the continuity from "Lighthouse" especially with Macbeth and Broadway's lines and staging the fight in a library.

The villains are really smart in this episode. I was really impressed with Iago's cunning here… a shame we never got to see "Dark Ages". The trap was really clever as well.

Demona's "Sex Pot" scene. Well, you probably already know that I love it. I don't think it's out of character at all, someone earlier posted here a good reason for her to do that saying to Elisa "I'm prettier than you". If we get the show back, I hope to see her do more of these ;) I also like seeing her hail a taxi.

Now what I want to know is how did Demona manage to walk through an entire police station in her halter-top and loincloth and not be arrested for indecent exposure? Though there is nothing indecent about it ;) Okay, on to the next scene…

Very nice scene between Elisa and Morgan. I liked how you took a minor background character and turned him into a "real" person. Elisa looks good here also, very nice animation. She looks exhausted.

I still have to say I was not confused by nobody being able to see our villains at Belvedere Castle. I just figured that Demona was using an invisibility spell. Also I have to confess that until I got on the Internet, I never thought that Coldstone was re-animated stone. But now it makes perfect sense to me.

I love that line of the Sisters' "Even shadows must be true to their shade." Also, they have their correct hair colors when they say that line on my copy of the episode.

I love the way Elisa just walks past Demona, Macbeth and Coldstone without even glancing at them. Elisa took a big gamble here. Sure Macbeth has a code of honor, but not Demona. Demona could have just ignored Macbeth and shot her. But now on to one of my favorite scenes…

THE CAT FIGHT- Demona may fight like a rookie at first, but she quickly manages to grab her. I love Iago/Coldstone's line and Macbeth's. On behalf of all male "Gargoyles" fans every where, I thank you for this scene ;) Hmm, I had less to say about this scene than I thought.

Now here, the Sisters' hair is wrong, all blonde. But I still knew it was them, and then when they phase together, Desdemona has black hair. Oh well, this episode is so well animated that I can forgive a few mistakes.

I like the fight between Othello, Desdemona and Iago. Very nicely done. Also nice to see Othello realize that he can't let evil triumph just by his doing nothing.

The fight ended well, ooh, considering where Elisa kicked Demona before slamming her head into a statue… that's gotta hurt. Still was confused to see Macbeth rescue Demona here.

I also like the scene between Coldstone and Elisa. He has a great line before leaving. And nice use of the jogger to.

I actually thought it was out of character to here Demona call Elisa by her first name rather than "Maza" or "the Detective." I also raised an eyebrow when Macbeth mentioned the "primary objective."

When I saw the Grimorum, the Eye, and the Gate all laid out, things began to make sense. Also nice to see I was right that Demona used a cloaking spell earlier, but didn't suspect that she was using the Grimorum. Also liked seeing them asking the same questions I was asking… especially. "WHY ARE WE WORKING TOGETHER!"

The Weird Sister's finally explain everything and it all makes perfect sense. Nice scheme they had. Of course I had to wait about two months to learn what the "coming battle" was. Nice way to keep us in suspense.

Overall, I like this episode. Not one of the best, but still very good. A lot of nice character moments, and a nice epilogue to "City Of Stone", and foreshadowing of things to come. Though the wait was unbearable.

Greg responds...

Interesting responses...

Actually, I think the Japanese Animators put those little touches into Lex's computer on their own. I vaguely recall there's also a Weisman Program.

Response recorded on April 08, 2001