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matt writes...

ok, i know you've said that the English gargs are pretty much limited to what we saw in "MIA", but are there smaller differences in different English gargs. i mean, no two gargoyles ever look totally alike, right? but in a large English garg clan with only a few limited features, wouldn't they start to look pretty similar? are there different colors these gargs can have besides browns and whites? are there any that have legs more similar to a bird than a horse or a lion? are there any that have different kinds of wings or something?

it doesn't bug me that the English gargs look SO different from the other gargs we've seen around the world, and i know that that bugs some people... but it does bug me that the English gargs seem to be limited to only features we saw in "MIA"...

guess thats all i have to say about that, LOL!

Greg responds...

As usual, I get myself in trouble with these kind of questions. My point was that you weren't going to see gargs that resembled squirrels or something.

There are multiple combinations possible. Just take the three you know of and extrapolate and interpolate from there.

But I still reserve the right to not nail any of the visuals down at this point.

Response recorded on August 06, 2001