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Gipdac writes...

I was just watching Light House on the Sea of Time, and it sparked a memory. I couldn't read/write until I was fifteen years old; I was completely illiterate. My parents had taken me out of public school and home schooled me for a long time because of this, they had tried several different programs and nothing seemed to work. That was the year I saw Light House on the Sea of Time for the first time, and it really inspired me to want to read. I started a new read program that year, and I finally learned how to read. Now I can't imagine my life with out being able to read, I write short stories for fun, I joined the school newspaper, I LOVE reading. So. Thanks for helping me with that first step.

Greg responds...


That may be the coolest thing I've ever heard with regards to the series. It's a cliche, but we always said that if we could help one person to learn to read...

Thanks for telling me that.

Response recorded on December 06, 2001