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Siren writes...

I read through about the reasons why Gargoyles was booted out. And I certainly understand them 100%. No company is going to keep making something that isn't giving them a good profit, it's bad for buisness. I've seen a lot of Disney animated shows. At least one episode from everyone since the Disney Afternoon. Disney Afternoon I thought was great. Ducktales, Talespin, Rescue Rangers, even Marsupilami (spelling might be wrong, but can ya blame me?). Gargoyles is by far my favorite show. Now I am not a big fan of anime. I do like some, for instance, Princess Mononoke is just about my favorite movie. The animation was the best I've seen since Gargoyles and the story was excellent. Also well cast for the American dubbed version. Mononoke was the number one movie of all time in Japan, till Titanic knocked it down a spot. Never did I hear of such a thing. An animated movie is number one in a country and knocked all the classics down. Though I think it deserved that spot...even more so then Titanic. Which got me thinking about the difference between the two cultures. Americans seem to think animation is intended for kids. There certainly have been break throughs, but majority of those breakthroughs, were made in Japan. The Japanese seemed to tap into something in animation that Americans have failed to. It's not the form of the movie it is the story. I also think Japanese have more pride in the animated movies, seeing them more as artwork then as kiddie shows which is why they can work so hard at it AND the PUBLIC appreciates it. You and the rest of the Gargoyle crew worked so hard and made the best animated tv show in my mind. I just guess the American public wasn't ready for it. They aren't to that mature point to say animation isn't just kiddie flicks and cute fuzzy animals. They can have deep feelings and emotions as much as any actor. You have at least 2 people behind each character. The animator and the voice. I know there are many other animators of the characters, but I think you know what I mean. I am sorry that the majority ruled this time and they didn't appreciate it or bother to give it a chance or whatever. I still have that hope it will be back in one form or another. Maybe one day it will be it's time to be the next Batman or Superman. They started out slowly too and look at them now. One never knows.

After all that, was wondering, "Do you know how well Gargoyles did in Japan?"

Greg responds...

I'm not sure Gargoyles EVER aired in Japan. Does anyone know different?

Siren, thanks for the kind words. I'd quibble with some of it. You make it sound like the public never embraced Gargoyles, and that's not quite true. We were still a solid hit. We simply were not a home run.

Also, I don't believe that either Superman or Batman 'started out slowly'. They were both homeruns nearly from the moment they hit the stands. Revelations.

Response recorded on January 23, 2002