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Ed writes...

Although I don't really have time to rewatch and ramble to most of the episodes as you do them (at least, not right now), I wanted to respond to one of the questions you posed in your "AVALON PART ONE" ramble.

With regard to denoting 'parts' on continued episodes, I'm massively in favour of it. The conventional wisdom you mention, for me at least, is completely wrong: "part one" tells me that there's something worth watching, or at least more likely to be worth watching, particularly as it's such a rare thing in cartoons, and many television programmes.

Although they were titled separately as I recall, I loved the multi-part stories that Disney did for 'Ducktales' with Gizmoduck and Bubba. I love continuity, and particularly given that the last 'Gargoyles' multi-part outing was 'CITY OF STONE'... well, it was a good move to mark the 'part one' at the beginning.

Greg responds...

Actually, the last one was "Hunter's Moon". But I'm glad you agree with me. I feel, if nothing else, it's more honest. Not sure why that matters to me in this context, as I certainly am not shy about trying to mislead viewers with Red Herrings, etc. within a story, but at least there's no false advertising going on -- on my part anyway.

Response recorded on March 23, 2004