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Demonskrye writes...

Ack, forgot to put my name on the last post. Those questions you got from "Anonymous" about gargoyle-beasts were from me. Anyways, these ones are about merchandise.

1. From what I've seen in your previous comments, especially those regarding the helicopter, you weren't too thrilled with the "Gargoyles" action figure line. Are there any "Gargoyles" related items that were produced which you do like? I just managed to obtain a set of the large Applause figures from a friend of mine. They are really nice likenesses of the characters, although I still need to repaint Demona's hair. (It's black, lest you didn't know.) And I have a soft spot for my Coldstone figure. Pretty nice likeness, good action features, plus it was a gift from the guy who was soon to be my boyfriend at the time.

2. On the flip side, is there any "Gargoyles" item you wish you could have recalled and destroyed? I seldom hear anyone with much good to say about the Macbeth figure. His costume is totaly inaccurate and the stone smashing "thingy" he wields goes against his comment in his first appearence about not stooping so low as to smash the clan while they sleep. I wish the Elisa figure had her regular costume. And while I can live with the "Heroes Awaken" version of "Awakening", I really dislike the box art.

3. In order to end this on a more positive note, is there anything in particular you would have liked to see made? A certain figure? Statues? Art books? Bedsheets?

Thanks as always for your time.

Greg responds...

1. That's not really true. It was very cool to see the gargs "brought to life" as toys. Some of the figures, particularly Brooklyn, were very flawed. But even so, I generally loved the first wave of toys. My disappointment was that they ended up making so few characters. Just taking the Batman approach and remaking multiple versions of everyone. I was VERY glad when they finally made Coldstone. I love that figure. And though the "screen" on his chest obviously doesn't really exist on the show, I thought it was a great idea for a toy. True to the spirit of a very confused character.

2. Recall? No. Fix? Sure.

3. That Lexington doorknob. But seriously, I'd have like to have seen more action figures covering more of our characters. Angela at least. And personally, I'd have liked to have been given the opportunity to write a series of novels.

Response recorded on August 18, 2000