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Kovu@pridelands.org writes...

###please excuse any grammer or spelling errors or just plain spam and nonsence and unclear, jumpy sentences###

Hi Greg,
I was a fan of Gargoyles sometime back when it had first aired up here, I still am. I would watch it over and over again from begining to end if I had whatever station it still airs on. I was drawn to the whole story from the beginning (Like everyone else ;P ) and was really bummed out when it had finally ended (again like everyone else :P ).
I know it probably is personal to ask the questions, I'm about to ask, I dunno; But it's worth the hey.
There were alot of disapointing thoughts floating around my head about why a show with so much praise, and a wide variety of possible story lines and a good audience turn out, would have such a rough ending in it's final season. With trying to make the last season, so I thought I read; something about bumpy talks in just trying to be able to continue on for just that extra year longer with the show??. I Look at the Simpsons and wonder, what's so great about it that's had it survive over a decade on the air (Besides the MILLIONS of viewers. :/ . I started to hate it in the 6th year when I looked at it one day and asked myself.. What kind of messages is this show giving me?.. I looked at Gargoyles and found it to be much more realistic in it's scifi way, but the powering messages I got from it.. It was tremendous and it made me want more... But Yet Gargoyles? and other great shows of the past? :( Only live such short times. -.- I haven't kept up with the show since it had finally ended on Saturday morning television on channel CBS? or NBC, ugh (I can't recall) and I didn't have internet till just the last 2 years and never really realized how far the show had gone despite it's absense from the drawing board. By then the Gargoyle Fandom had gone so deep with people creating fanfics and Picts and websites .. Your Conventions.. that I didn't know where to begin.. So much information and such.. That.. I felt like a stranger. I'm in a location to up in eastern Canada, and it doesn't leave me for any place to go.. Not like I can hop in a car and go to the cons and meet people.. Which made me wonder about rebuilding something, I only seem to hear about that time seems to have forgotten. Maybe because it was forced to be shut down due to legal reasons or something I have no idea.. Which is why I also want to ask for your permission on something.

See.. I remember years ago an online role playing/chatroom type virtual game. Something called, or simular to the name ' Gargoyle's Muck ' Was it shut down for any particular reason?. I'm just wondering because I was kinda wanting to remake a Muck of that same origin, based on the episode 'Future Tense'. If you allow or disallow the making of Mucks or Mu*'s can ya let me know?.. I would like to add, that If needed I would put a Disclaimer in the Login window saying it does not infringe any copyrights.. Which Mucks normally don't do.. There are other Mucks based on other Disney shows or Movies.. ie.. The Lion King Muck for example. They are basically like an open chat room like in the forum or what ever it is you call it here on the station 8 site. I guess you already know -.-

But if you could get back to me on that I'd appriciate it.. Also would there be any harm if you could have your Board posting sensor guy (Gore) to forward your reply to my email account at kovu@pridelands.org instead of pinning it up on the board to the public? or do you not allow that either.. I appoligize if I may end up saying something out of terms which could result in You (Greg) not recieving this.. If it doesn't get through I would like to know so I could remember to not ask again in the future if need be.
And to leave off, I was wondering if there were any future plans for a return to television or the screen or even a rl movie of Gargoyles.. I have no idea if any of these have been asked before.. I appoligize for my ignorance -.- .. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was made into a RL Movie flick, So.. Why no Gargoyles.. I would love to see that.

--- Thankyou.. Sincerly: Cory Pender

Greg responds...

I don't know what a Muck is, let alone why one would be shut down. And I'm afraid I can't GIVE you permission to do anything Gargoyles related, as I don't own it. Disney does. I don't represent Disney. I'm not saying you can't do it. I'm just saying I have no idea.

And, no, I'm afraid we don't give personal direct e-mail responses here. If I sent you one, everyone would want that. And aside from the fact that I don't have the time to personally maintain e-mail correspondence with EVERYONE in the fandom, those personal e-mails would prevent everyone from getting the answers to everyone else's questions.

As to Live-Action movies, I'm going to direct you to the ASK GREG Archive that deals specifically with that topic.

Response recorded on September 02, 2000