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David writes...

Hi Greg, I am a huge fan of the Gargoyles series. I have, or thought I had all the episodes on tape. Then I checked IMDB and saw that in 1998 there were 4 episodes that I had never heard of. Gargoyles: Brothers Betrayed (1998)
Gargoyles: Deeds of Deception (1998)
Gargoyles: The Force of Goliath (1998)
Gargoyles: The Hunted (1998) (V)
What are these episodes and where can I find them? Also are Pendragon and TGS seperate cartoon series and how do they tie into the Gargoyles lore? Thanks.

Greg responds...

These aren't episodes. These are home video collections of episodes. Each tape or "title" has two episodes from the first season.

I believe "The Hunted" contains "Thrill of the Hunt" and "Temptation".

"Deeds of Deception" and "The Force of Goliath" contain "Deadly Force" & "Enter Macbeth" and "The Edge" & "Long Way to Morning". But I don't remember which contains which pair.

"Brothers Betrayed" definitely includes "Her Brother's Keeper" and "Reawakening".

Response recorded on September 16, 2000