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Maximum Cng, llc writes...

This is a serious more business oriented question and I hope it does not break any of the guidelines. In fact I doubt it would be the kind of thing you would post.
I'm the President of a Roleplaying game company and I'm wondering who would I talk to in Disney about getting the License to create and market a Gargoyles roleplaying game book and suplements. I see it as nothing short of a shame that such a well made and loved world is rotting away.

Your the first part of my search for the information we need and hopefully you can help.

Thank you

Malcolm Harris
Maximum CNG, llc


Greg responds...

I don't know who you'd talk to specifically, though God knows I'd love to work on something like that.

My advice is to contact the Walt Disney Company's Consumer Products Division. And ask them to direct you to the proper individual.

Response recorded on October 20, 2000