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Arlo writes...

Hi, sorry to bother you. If you never feel like answering
this at all it's okay. You've probably heard inquiries
such as this more than you'd like to. If you don't want to
read this eaither becasue it's so long that's okay too.
Anyway, Puck, who is, in my opinion the greatest character
ever created, stars in a broadcasting entilted
"The Mirror" I've been searching but haven't found the
episode on a VHS recording. Maybe I just haven't been
trying hard enough. I was just pondering if it is on a
VHS somewhere and if so could you state the title of the
main VHS it may be on or where else I may locate the
performance. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
Thanks again and sorry to occupy your time. Also, could
you thank Gore for putting up with this question if he
has? Thanks, have a excellent day!

Greg responds...

You to. And don't apologize.

As far as I know, "The Mirror" is not available on VHS. Only first season episodes.

And thanks for giving me the opportunity to thank Gore for providing us with this site in the first place. And Todd for keeping it running efficiently.

Response recorded on October 26, 2000