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Jim R. writes...

Would I get sued if I tried to make a Gargoyles computer game for PC and Mac? Or would that be only if I tried to sell it for profit? The game will have decent graphics, sprite animation, sounds, a story, (and possibly some video clips from the show), you know that sort of thing...
But I will be sure to provide credit to the "real" creators of Gargoyles.

Why hasn't anyone done this before, besides Sega Genesis?

Greg responds...

I'm no lawyer, but obviously if you tried to sell it for profit, you'd definitely get a letter from the Mouse. And even if you didn't, but they noticed you and felt you were infringing on a profit center or potential profit center, you might hear from them.

But as I said, I'm no lawyer. I wouldn't presume to advise you.

As for your last question, I don't know.

Response recorded on January 03, 2001