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Pyro X writes...

I recently bought a copy of the book Total Hockey, verily a ponderous tome (A big book) if I ever saw one. It has stats on every team, stats for every play to ever play at least one game, records, trophy winners, coaches, Etc; and it is 2000+ pages to boot. (I guess this is why it is the "Official Encyclopedia of the NHL.) It also talks about fans of teams, defunct teams, Stanley Cup Winners, and lots more.

1) Would your Gargoyles Encyclopedia be like this? would it have a blurb on every character little and small to ever appear in the show? IE) The three or so Gargoyles left when Demona is named, or Harvey the Ninja?

2) Would it have stats like height, weight, weight in stone, Eye Color, favourite food?

3) Would the book have stats or trivia on gargoyle mating rituals, or hints about future shows?

4) could it have info on the fan support after the fact, like the gathering?

5) OR would this book only have current cannon on Items, Places and Characters in the 66 Ep's?


Greg responds...

1. Harvey's definitely in there, but not every incidental character who ever appeared on screen. But every character named, yes.

2. No.

3. Yes.

4. The current draft does not. But it could.

5. Mostly the 66. Whether I went further would depend on what else was going on.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001