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TNTBONE@juno.com writes...

I have been trying to find a cell of Goliath in the episode "Ill Met by Moonlight". It is when Goliath and Overon are in a baron place and Overon is throughing rocks at Goliath. Goliath askes Overon if Lady Titania wants the land to beat them or him. He responds with come on then. Goliath lets out a roar and smashes the rocks at his feet. As the dust clears Goliath is in a muscle pose with wings spread and eyes glowing white. This is the specific cell I am searching for. Please assist me with any info you have to help seek out this picture/cell. Thanks TBONE

Greg responds...

Sorry, TBONE, but you obviously haven't even looked at the archives. If you had, you'd know I don't have a CLUE where you could find this or any other cell. I don't work in consumer products or retail. Good luck, though.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001