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Lord Sloth writes...

1) After the Gathering (the episode), had the rules of the pact between David and Owen/Puck changed? I'm asking because Owen used his Puck powers in order to save Alexander from Oberon, and then in "Possession" Xanatos actually asked Owen if Puck could wiggle his nose and fix Coldstone for him.
a) In the first case, one could argue that this was something personal that Puck had to settle with Oberon; and so two birds, one stone (is that so?).
b) And in "possession", my only guess is that Xanatos was trying to hint to Puck about how he might turn this into a lesson for Alex, and Puck figured it out latter. Would this be correct?
c) If one or both of these are wrong, could you point out what I am missing?

2) a) Am I right in that training Alex for Oberon takes precedence over not using magic to help Xanatos, and thus Puck is able to work the two into one?
b) Since the Coldstone Dilemma was not really a big priority (like the Oberon one) why did David and Owen try to fond a way to cheat their lifetime of service agreement? It somehow feels that, though Xanatos might cheat other times in his life, this is something he would stay true to, and Owen would hold him to it anyway. (I hope that all came out clearly)

3) And one other thing. I'm sure that playing the part of a straight man has its initial appeal, but fifteen to twenty years of it must be a bit much even for an immortal. So did Puck probably go on many trickster excursions with his time off like in "Future Tense" and "the Mirror" (only without chains) that had nothing to do with Xanatos, in order to relieve some tension?

I don't mean to sound too critical here, as I really love the two above episodes. I'm just trying to understand all of the complex rules that conflict with each other in the show (which, incidentally you did a great job at maintaining).

Dunca Greg.

Greg responds...

1. No, the terms hadn't changed. Puck could justify the Oberon thing, because he was protecting himself from being forced to return to Avalon. And as you may recall, in Possessions, Owen did not just wiggle his nose. Not allowed.

a. More or less.

b. Not really. X was in fact asking for the quick fix. Owen said no. But figured out a way to make a lesson out of it.

c. See above.

2a. Yes.

b. It's clear, but (a) Xanatos wasn't trying that hard to get Owen/Puck to cheat. He made an off-the-cuff-remark. And (b) Puck did what he did (1) to teach Alex (2) because it was fun and (a very distant 3) because it helped Xanatos.

3. Here and there. But I think he really relishes Owen. Don't you?

I don't see any conflict.

Response recorded on June 09, 2003