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gedoena writes...

Gathering Question:


Recently, the Gathering committee announced the opprotunity to send in money for a "non-attending supporting membership". Will such memberships count towards the 500 people you need to impress the Disney Execs?

Greg responds...

I thought I answered this.

No, not directly. But what it will do (in addition to donating money to the worthy "Make a Wish" cause) is help pay for making the con even better. That is, help pay in advance. This is important. The more events we can GUARANTEE, because we have the money in advance to pay for them, the more people (both internationally and locally) we'll be able to get. And that will, I guarantee, raise our attendance list.

Obviously, I'd rather people attend. But if you JUST CAN'T. Then it would be great if you'd buy a supporting membership. Helps us. Helps Make A Wish. Earns you a t-shirt, and just maybe a place in history...

Response recorded on February 26, 2001