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Emmlei writes...

This isn't a question about TGC so much as an aspect of the show:
I know the Quarrymen was one idea you had a hand in that was put into TGC. I was wondering about the PIT Crew. They kind of struck me as a cross between a regular political activist group and those idealistic, over zealous animal lovers that I keep hearing about(y'know, the ones that believe all animals are noble and pure compared to humans, which could be but I digress). Clearly, they were the foil to the Quarrymen.
1) Did you have anything to do with adding the PIT Crew? if so, answer number 2.
2a) What were some plans you had for the group over the length of the show?
2b) Was it possible that a couple new major characters were going to come out of the group?

Greg responds...

I had nothing to do with the PIT Crew.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000