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Kayless writes...

Recent posts have brought up Sean Connery and First Knight, which as you all know, was a horrible translation of the Arthurian Legend. So much of the epic was mutilated that I'm surprised they didn't just start from scratch. But Connery almost saves it. Almost. He's so perfect for the role that whenever he's onscreen all the crappiness of the rest of film seems to blur into the background. He uplifted Dragonheart the same way. The two films were released around the same time and I had high hopes for both. Unfortunately neither lived up to my expectations. But Connery did. He's was perfect as Arthur and perfect as the dragon Draco. I only wish those films lived up his skill and their original premise. He's an actor that can single-handedly turn an atrocious movie into a tolerable one (Highlander II). Truly one of best out there. I just wish he'd done a voice on Gargoyles. Hey, a guy can dream can't he?

Greg responds...

Wasn't Dragonheart YEARS after First Knight?

Response recorded on September 21, 2000