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Kayless writes...

Some more Highlander discussion. (I must be on the wrong board or something)

"But I kinda liked endgame. I just thought the villain's motivation was beyond feeble. O.K. for a tv episode. But not nearly potent enough to cause the end of Connor."

Agreed. Clancy's Kurgan reigns supreme as the series best villain.

"One question: I saw a scene in the preview that I don't think was in the movie. The villain is cut in half and then mends himself immediately. Did you see that or am I imagining things?"

As far as I know that was from Highlander 3.

"And also I saw something in the preview that wasn't"

??? This appears to be an unfinished statement… Or a rather disjointed thought. Either way some clarification would help. (HA! When was the last time one of us got to say that to you?)

Okay, how about a question? (Or two, counting this one) Why do my questions appear so eloquent when I write them, yet seem to exasperate you when you read them? On second thought, this is probably best left to introspection. Or sarcasm. ;)

Greg responds...

The last guy got what I was talking about and confirmed I wasn't crazy. Disjointed maybe, but not crazy.

Sometimes, it's just my mood. Don't take me too seriously.

Response recorded on September 25, 2000